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Baby Safe

St Kilda Mums rehome preloved nursery goods to families in need around Australia. Established by five mums in 2009, CEO Jessica Macpherson saw a need and volunteered to sort, launder and package preloved goods for rehoming to families in need.

Over ten years, the range of products transiting to restored, clean and safe items for rehoming was diverse. Numerous products were catalogued, detailed and scrutinised, ensuring rehomed items conformed to legislation and St Kilda Mums own philosophy, guaranteeing children and families remain happy, healthy and safe.
Naturally, products aged, knowledge increased and new regulations introduced stricter standards.  Some products pose a direct concern to parents and carers.
Jessica's goal to alert the public on the dangers of certain second-hand products was a dream. Ten years later, armed with a database of products more up to date and valid than the ACCC's data, Baby Safe was created.

"In 10 years St Kilda Mums have supported 92,403 babies and children with 220,789 items saved from landfill worth  $31,414,367"

Jessica Macpherson | CEO StKilda Mums

The Challenges

Several initial challenges confronted the team; stale data, overwhelming information, the need for dynamism and scalability in the user interface and a cost-effective model for data access.
As a Not For Profit, funds were tight and limited design, development and testing. The budget for the initial build limited time to only four days of development effort. We challenged ourselves internally to produce an application to the same high standard and quality we deliver for all builds.
The solution also required to be scalable, as funds become available, new functionality and information may require integration.

How We Helped

Our client's large dataset required sterilisation. Although this was handled mostly by St Kilda Mums army of Salesforce volunteers, we contributed by establishing uniformity for naming conventions, categories and validating data across thousands of records.
During the cleansing process, our UI team conducted internal design sprints concentrating on building clean interfaces for users to instantly identify safe versus dangerous products and ensuring content displays cleanly without visually overwhelming users.
We addressed the overwhelming amount of information by validating ideas created during the design sprint to develop an elegant, simple solution based around standard visual cues to inform users of a items safety allowing decisive judgment based on the colours of the interface.
We provided users options to search via a keyword or browse by categories to make look-up easier.
A public URL linked to a web service from the clients Salesforce instance allows open read access for consumption, reducing the cost of delivering vital information to practically zero.

The Results

The final application is an elegant, simple application that hides a sophisticated and scalable solution built natively in Swift for iOS. We handled the entire process from concept to delivery for StKilda Mums, delivering test builds, analytics, App Store deployment and management.

"We designed a beautiful application that allows users to identify dangerous products and to help keep their family safe. For that, we are extremely proud."

Wayne Buchner | CEO way+bu

Future Mobile Plans

We continue to support, maintain and develop features on a pro-bono basis for the Baby Safe app and St Kilda Mums. The latest version contains Air Print functionality giving users the ability to print or save instructions and recall notices. Often second-hand items are missing instructions, so this new feature enhancement is a bonus for users providing a single app to view and print missing instruction manuals.

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